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Bouncy bouncy !! The Toughage domed sex pillow with dildo holder is multifunction pillow. It is a dome shaped sex pillow that increases comfort and enhances pleasure for both partners during lovemaking. The rounded design provides comfortable and improved exposure of genital areas and enables deeper, more satisfying penetration. Used face down with the pillow under your tummy raises your hips to a perfect height for kneeling penetration anally or vaginally by your partner, and awesome oral sex - from behind or even from below. Used under your backside, it also raises your hips for a front facing position. Used as a prop behind your head, it also provides good head & neck support to give your partner 'stand-over' oral sex or receive a kneeling mouth fuck.

And on lonely nights or just whenever the urge to go solo strikes you, your domed pillow will become your best friend. It has a built in dildo sleeve at the top centre. Insert your favourite dildo or vibrator into the tight 5cm diameter sleeve, and you can go completely hands free. Squat over it or use a love chair, and your domed sex pillow will hold your toy in place while you get a good pounding. 

The pillow is w
aterproof, so it can be washed, staying clean and hygienic. The surface has a soft velour like feel. Tough and durable, the Toughage domed pillow will earn its place in your sex accessories closet.  Can be inflated by mouth or pump.

Delivery time: This is a special order product, not locally available in Oz - please allow between¬†2-2¬Ĺ weeks¬†for free shipping¬†to your door.

Dimensions:  L 38cm x W 32cm x H 22cm.  (Dildo not included)

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