Creature Cocks Fire Dragon Scaly 21cm Silicone Fantasy Dildo

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This Fire Dragon's rod is built differently than any you've had before! The rows of dragon-scales, the textured, scaly skin, the ribbed head and the gentle S-curve of the shaft all contribute to the uniqueness of this powerful dragon dong. Take this fiery red and deep black shaft and enjoy handling the heavy, girthy rod made of premium grade silicone. Each touch is silky smooth to balance out all the delicious curves and bumps you'll feel with each penetrating stroke. Completely phthalate-free, it is also body-safe and should be used only with water-based lubricants. Use it manually or enjoy the suction-cup at the base so you can ride hands-free. Bring your kinky cosplay and roleplay fantasies to life with this Fire Dragon Creature Cock! After use, wash with warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and pat dry. Keep separate from other silicone toys. Every dragon has a cave in which they hoard their treasure trove of gold and unique items. Now, you can let this dragon explore the depths of your own cave to discover what treasures are inside! For those who wonder what still hides in the tallest and most dangerous mountains, the fire-breathing dragons still remain, hidden from the world. But they have one treasure they still crave and it's the hot blooded flesh of your lustful body! As they fly high above the cloud cover, they land near you so that the earth shakes and you quiver in fear and delight. The heat of their flame can be felt in the air around you and you begin to sweat. Their slit eyes, long tongue and sharp, pointed fangs are only the first of the most fearsome details you remember before their claws grip your skin and they begin to plunder your body for the treasures you hide inside you! Measurements: Overall length: 21 cm, Insertable length: 17.8 cm, Narrowest insertable diameter: 5.1 cm, Widest insertable diameter: 6.3 cm Materials: Silicone Colour: Red, black Key Features: - Fantasy Dildo: This dragon dong is fiery red and deep black with a thick shaft and plenty of unique scales, bumps, ridges and a sinuous S-curve. Perfect for cosplay, roleplay and fantasy sessions. - Girthy and Textured: Enjoy this extra thick and girthy rod! With plenty of different textures to experience, your holes will be satisfied and craving even more! - Premium Silicone: This premium silicone dong is silky smooth and phthalate-free. - Suction Cup Base: Enjoy hands-free with a strong, suction cup base.

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