OUCH! Urethral Sounding - Ribbed Dilator - Stainless Steel 15 cm Urethral Sound

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The strong metal give this sounding a tough look, and makes it easy to insert into the urethrae. Pull out or leave in, this one is for keeps. Long and ridged will never mean the same. Sounding is exciting, because it’s fairly unknown, different, risky and non-traditional. The urethra passes by particularly sensitive areas in the penis head and the G spot. Sounding stimulates these nerves directly, offering a great sexual impulse for those who dare. Remember: inspect / wash / sanitise / sterilise. Play safe! Product dimensions: 7.7 x 7.7 x 15 cm Product weight: 45 grams Product diameter: 0.8 cm Insertable length: 15 cm

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