Water sports

Urolagnia is a paraphillia in which sexual excitement is associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination. Excitement may be aroused by the act of urinating on someone, or having someone urinate on them. This may stem from a will to feel submissive, or dominant, or sometimes both. Other variations extend to arousal by clothes wetting or seeing someone wet their clothes. For others arousal may come from the smell of urine or even the sensation of bathing in it, or sitting around in urine soaked clothes. It is quite a popular fetish, and may involve singles or couples engaging in Golden Showers & piss play, to groups meeting specifically for Piss Parties.

Regardless, Shhh... has a few items available that you can use, or take inspiration from. 
Please also read our Disclaimer page in the Main Menu regarding this fetish activity. 

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