Combination wedge sex pillow set 36cm & 86cm

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Toughage inflatable wedge shaped sex pillow set: 86cm & 36cm. 

A combination of two wedge pillows to create even more sex positions and even more comfort. Use the two or one at a time. Using two you can achieve a high flat surface, perfect for doggy style sex or missionary sex. Having a higher surface also eases oral sex positions. See the accompanying position sketches for ideas, or come up with creative ideas of your own. Tether rings on the sides of both pillows make it easy to tie them together, or tie down your partner! 

Sex pillows, especially wedges, are the hot new trend, worldwide. They increase comfort, deliver better sexual penetration and offer a wide variety of positions that would be difficult, or strenuous, to achieve without them. As a bonus, the angled position of the pillows provide excellent back & neck support whilst simply relaxing or reading in bed. 

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