Penis Lengtheners

The only medically proven way to lengthen your penis apart from expensive surgery is by traction therapy. Based on the principle of building muscle, traction therapy breaks down cells under tension which promotes new cell growth, adding length & girth to your penis. The results of traction therapy are permanent, as long as the programme is seen through. But you need to be patient - penile traction therapy requires a routine of at least 4 hours per day for at least 3 months and up to 6 months. It entails putting the penis under tension with spring loaded steel rods, that are gradually lengthened over time as the penis stretches & grows. Modern traction devices can be worn unseen underneath loose clothing, so you can move about while the device is attached. Penile lengthening surgery is not only expensive; there can be complications which leads to sexual dysfunction. Traction therapy is the safest and only successful non-surgical procedure that gives real results. Depending on initial size, traction therapy is documented to deliver an average of between 2.5cm to 5.0cm of permanent extra length (individual results can vary).
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