Sex Machine adaptors

Here is a range of fittings & adaptors for your Hismith sex machine. Below you will find some very cool items, such as an adaptor to turn your single toy machine into a DP machine! There are also flexible extension rods, suction cup adaptors so you can use any of your own suction dildos with your Shhh... Hismith machine, a clit massager, and plenty more. 

There are 2 types of connector fittings; The KlicLok system and the 3XLR system. So make sure the toys & accessories you choose have the same connector as your machine:
'3XLR' connectors are found on our flat-base (legless) '3XLR' type sex machines.
'KlicLok' connectors are found on our larger HS06, HS08, HS10 & HS12 machines, as well as on our portable Pro-Traveller units.

As always, Shhh... offers free shipping, regardless of order value. Please allow around 12-14 days for international shipping with DHL. 

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