Foot fetish - female foot replica size EU38.

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Foot fetish - female foot replica size EU38. 

An anatomically correct and life size replica of female feet, size EU38, including the lower shin, for foot devotees. Arched foot stance so standing upright it can be admired for its anatomy in full flex. Alternatively, laying it on its side reveals the detailed sole. Or it can be sat flat with the shin pointing back. The toes on this model are non positionable, but do move freely.

Life-like appearance and realistic skin feeling, with fine life-like details such as skin creases above the heel, realistic colour differences between the contact point of the sole and the arch, and a skin surface with all the minute skin patterns and toe friction ridges of a real foot. Soft, safe silicone, easy to clean. 

Fantasy play can include placing the foot into high heeled shoes, feeding the foot into the lower cuff of jeans or dressing it in stockings or socks. Perfect anatomical replication makes it suitable for photography. 

Purchase options: available as Left only, Right only or as a Pair.
Delivery time: for this special order item please allow 2 to 2¬Ĺ weeks' delivery.

Factory care notes:
The silicone surface is easily stained, avoid dressing the product in non-colourfast clothes as colours may leech into the silicone.
Do not place product on ink containing substances such as newspapers and magazines.
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight age the rubber surface & shorten its life
If there are some indentations on the surface on delivery, soak the product in very hot (not boiling) water for a while, and the indentations will disappear slowly.
If the product becomes dirty, clean it with a shower gel or detergent, dry it off with a microfiber cloth and add some talcum powder to keep the surface soft. Keep both products separated with a cloth during storage, especially in warm weather.

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