Scent of Stinky Sweaty Girl Feet - 10ml

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The ultimate Foot Fetish accessory. Inhale this aroma while masturbating about girls' sexy feet. 

Crazy Japanese fetish culture is now available in Australia from Shhh..! From the bizarre world of Anime comes a range of replica female scents, including girls' hair, worn panties, urine, feet, used stockings and vaginal discharge! Crazy, but true.

This vial of replica STINKY, SWEATY GIRL FEET is 10ml. 

Delivery ETA: Please note this is a specialty fetish product sourced from Japan. Please allow approx. 4 weeks for delivery to your door.

How to use: Simply spray onto tissue paper or any fabric surface, wait for the liquid to evaporate and then inhale. For example, spray it on a new pair of female socks or stockings to get that 'just worn' odour. Or even spray it onto a replica foot, which are available in our Foot Fetish category.

- This product should NOT be tasted, drunk or consumed. The scent is a chemical.
- Keep away from high temperature and fire source
- Avoid splashing the product liquid in the eyes, if splashed in the eyes accidentally, please wash the eyes with water immediately and seek medical attention.

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