Kokos Mini Haru - Dual Layer Masturbator

Kokos Mini Haru - Dual Layer Masturbator

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“Haru,” a clean and neat design small-handy masturbator. The plump and clean large lips of pudendum and the hidden soft small lips remind camel claws. It features complemented quality that was not possible from the existing small hand jobs. The clean exterior never gets old and presents continued softness without repulsion. 1. This product will blow mind as the pure numpha are visible when you open the full labium majus and stimulate your imagination. 2. The bottom part is coupled with G-spot and thick vaginal membrane and creases offer even moe thrilling exprience. 3. The upper part give different and various feelings from the bottom, as it is coupled with comb and small bumps. Size: 6.5 cm x 7 cm x 16 cm

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