Anal Indulgence Fantasy Double Prober - 15.2 cm (6'') Anal DP Dong w Cock Ring

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Silicone Fantasy Double Prober - Experience heightened arousal and a stronger erection with this silicone strap onĀ analĀ dildo and ball rings. Enjoy gentle pressure to the base of the penis and deliver scintillating double penetration from the realistic probe.
Insertion is easy and pleasurable thanks to its firm, realistic design. Its tapered, lifelike tip graduates your fulfillment and a slightly curved, veined shaft adds subtle texture to send spine tingling anal sensations through your lover.
Apply a generous amount of water-based lube to your shaft and balls and stretch the small love ring over your erection. Slide it to the base of your penis to find a comfortable, tight position to achieve a harder and stronger erection. For extra constriction and stability, stretch the second ring over your scrotum

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