Wedge shaped sex pillow inflatable 86cm

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Toughage inflatable wedge shaped sex pillow 86cm. 

The great thing about Toughage inflatable sex pillows is just that - they're inflatable. Unlike solid foam sex pillows, when you're not using your Toughage pillow it takes up very little space when deflated, so it can be stored out of the way easily, away from the prying eyes of visitors or kids. The compact deflated size means you can even take it away with you. 

Sex pillows, especially wedges, are the hot new trend, worldwide. People are reporting more satisfying sex, especially women, and in much more comfort.

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The Toughage 86 is a large size wedge-shaped sex pillow that increases comfort and enhances pleasure for both partners during lovemaking. The angled design of the wedge provides improved access to sexual areas, pushes oral sex to a new level of excitement, and enables deeper, more satisfying penetration. Supported by the wedge in hips-up positions, users report less fatigue than they normally experience in those positions without support. This large size 86cm version of the wedge shaped sex pillow is taller and longer, offering more complete back support and more sex position opportunities. Turned the other way, used as a head/backrest, it provides you total comfort while receiving or giving oral pleasure, and increases your field of vision.

An excellent product for those with disability or impairment, and their partners; the pillow allows for easier positioning with less physical effort so love making can be fun, not strenuous.  

The entire pillow is w
aterproof, so it can be washed, staying clean and hygienic. The surface has a soft, velour-like feel. Tough and durable, the Toughage 86 is a very useful piece of sex furniture. Best inflated with an electric mattress pump.
L: 86cm
W: 61cm
H: 18cm at wedge end

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