Laser Light Therapy Vagina Tightening & Health Wand

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Using LLLT (Low Level soft Laser Therapy) with Laser Diode technology, this portable hand held cold laser wand can tighten as well as promote general health & hygiene of your vagina. Low level red 650nm laser light stimulates the production of collagen, increases collagen regeneration, and has a positive effect on vagina tightening.

• Vaginal Tightening (Birth Canal rehabilitation)
• Immunity Enhancer
• Increases vagina sensitivity, for more enjoyable sex
• Eliminates feminine odours and Pruritus;
• Reduces Urinary Stress Incontinence;
• Sterilizes vaginal bacteria (Colitis) such as Coccus, Bacillus and Albicans Saccharomyces, • Restores the vaginal mucosa.
• AND, it doubles as a vibrating sex toy! 
• Minimal Treatment Time - only around 15-20 mins!
• USB Rechargeable

Delivery time: This is a specialist item. Please allow approximately 2 weeks from date of order.

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