Laser Therapy Vagina Tightening & Health Wand - USB Rechargeable

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Hand held light therapy (LLLT) device to tighten, as well as promote health & hygiene of the vagina.

The standard treatment time is 1-2 times per day, for periods from 10-30 minutes. An audible signal willĀ sound once theĀ treatment is complete. Portable, USB Rechargeable, and can be used as a vibrator.

Use the 650 Nm Red light for Vaginal rejuvenation. The 470 Nm Blue light provides anti bacterial & anti-inflammatory benefits. Additionally, a vibration function provides soothing massage during the treatment.

LLLT (Low Level soft Laser Therapy)Ā is a Light Source Treatment that generates a coherent light of a single wavelength. It emits no heat, no pain. The laser's energy penetrates the skin & stimulates the body's production of collagen and promotes natural healing processes. In this way, every cell within the treatment area receives deep tissue repair.Ā 

ā€¢ Minimal Treatment Time - as little as 10 mins a day!
ā€¢Ā Vaginal Tightening (Birth Canal rehabilitation);
ā€¢ Immunity Enhancer
ā€¢ Increases vagina sensitivity, for more enjoyable sex
ā€¢ Eliminates feminine odours and Pruritus;
ā€¢Ā ReducesĀ Urinary Stress Incontinence;
ā€¢ Sterilizes vaginal bacteria (Colitis) such as Coccus, BacillusĀ and Albicans Saccharomyces, ā€¢Ā Restores the vaginal mucosa.

Delivery time:Ā This is a specialist medical use item. Please allow approximately 2Ā½ weeks from date of order.

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