Female feet replicas in TPE AU size 5 / EUR 36 choose a Pair or a Single foot

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Amazing detail in these pretty replica female feet - approximate female foot size AU 5 / EU36. 

For foot fetish and female feet devotees, comes this amazingly detailed, anatomically correct and life size replica of female feet, size AU 5 / EU36. Includes the lower shin. Relaxed foot position. From all angles, these feet perfectly replicate the female foot. The toes on this model are non-positionable, but can move.

Incredible life-like appearance and realistic skin feeling, with ultra fine life-like details such as skin creases above the heel, moist sole appearance, realistic colour differences between the contact point of the sole and the arch, and a skin surface with all the minute skin patterns and toe friction ridges of a real foot. Made of soft, safe TPE. Easy to clean. 

Fantasy play can include placing the pliable feet into high heeled sandals or pumps, feeding the foot up into the lower cuff of jeans for display or dressing them up in stockings or socks. The perfect anatomic replication makes it suitable for HD photography. 

Purchase options: Available as a single foot only, or as a Pair.
Delivery time: for this special order item please allow 2 to 3 weeks' delivery.

Care Notes about TPE feet:
The surface can be easily stained, so avoid dressing the product for extended periods in heavily dyed or non-colourfast clothing, as the colours may leech into the surface.
Do not place the product on ink containing substances such as newspapers and magazines.
Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight age the material surface & shorten its life
If there are some indentations on the surface upon delivery, or you cause scratches or indentations yourself later, soak the product in very hot (but not boiling) water for a while, and the indentations will disappear slowly.
If the product becomes dirty, clean it with a shower gel or detergent, rinse well, then dry it off with a microfiber cloth and add some talcum powder to keep the surface soft. If you buy a pair, make sure they do not touch each other whilst in storage, otherwise the surfaces may fuse together and tear when being separated. It is important to keep both products separated from each other with a soft cloth during storage, especially in warm &/or humid weather.

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