Vagina Tightening & Health Device 004

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Hand Held Laser vagina treatment device with Blue LED, Microwave Pulse Vibration and Blu Ray, to provide overall improvement in health & hygiene of the vagina. USB rechargeable,

Product Applications:
Pelvic floor muscle repair
Decrease Inflammation.
Promote vaginal tightening/birth canal rehabilitation
Reduction of internal vaginal dryness
Eliminate embarrassing odours
Reduction of harmful bacteria
Reduce menopausal symptoms
Improve vaginal sensitivity
Increase Libido & sexual satisfaction
Reduction of painful intercourse.
Vibration function to stimulate the surrounding muscles

Delivery time: This is a specialist item. Please allow approx. 2¬Ĺ weeks for delivery to your door.

1. Microwave pulse function
    a. Promotes stimulating nerve excitement through pulse microwaves;
    b. Changes the state of muscle contraction to a relaxed state;
    c. With long-term use, promotes collagen repair & regrowth to provide
        a rehabilitated, more youthful result

2. Vibration function
    a. Specific amplitude stimulates the stimulus reaction of the surrounding muscles;
    b. Enhance the elastic function of muscle fibers.

3. Blu -ray function
    a. Have anti -inflammatory effects;
    b. Under the action of Blu -ray, you can reduce the production of free fatty acids such
         as inflammatory molecules;
    c. It can promote the proliferation and recovery of fibroblasts.

Please note: Individual results may vary.

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